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Pastor James L. Rowson, Jr.


One of the most influential pastors and inspiring orators of this era, James L. Rowson, Jr. is a gifted man of God whose spiritual leadership is redefining ministry. He is an accomplished musician and composer, but his most significant assignment is to preach the Gospel. 


Rowson, a native of Mount Vernon, New York, is the eldest son of Elder and Sister James L. (Shirley) Rowson, Sr. He was educated in the Mount Vernon school system and has furthered his studies in psychology at the University of South Carolina in Columbia, South Carolina.


At an early age, it was obvious to all that this young man was uniquely gifted by God and destined to do great work in the Kingdom.  His appreciation for music and love for the distinctive sound of the church has helped develop his tremendous gifts as a skilled musician.  While music was always a passion in this young manís heart, he has always had an insatiable thirst for a deeper knowledge of the Word of God.  He acknowledged the call to ministry at the age of sixteen.  Having accepted the call to minister at an early age, he is well acquainted with the inherent challenges therewith, thus allowing him to minister with sensitivity and honesty to the young, as well as the old.


Elder Rowson has faithfully served the Body of Christ in various capacities as the Lord has so gifted him. Minister of music, worship leader, and Sunday School teacher are only a glimpse of his vast leadership roles. Today, he continues to travel extensively preaching and teaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ, ministering at revivals, retreats, conferences, workshops, and music seminars.


After heeding the call to pastoral ministry, Rowson founded Kingdom Life Ministries, a young, vibrant ministry that was birthed in Orangeburg, South Carolina in October 2002 and in January 2011, Kingdom Life @ Columbia was established in Columbia, South Carolina. This anointed man of God is an inspirational and charismatic vessel who has a heart for people from all walks of life.  His intellectual approach to scripture and eloquent oratorical gifting enables him to reach diverse levels of life.  As the shepherd of Kingdom Life Ministries, he captivates his rapidly thriving congregation with his compassion and effectual words of wisdom.


Rowson is married to the former Andrena Jackson of Columbia, South Carolina.  They have two sons, Arlo Cedric and Andrew James.


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